Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LaMalfa supports Ryan's budget

The north state's Rep. Doug LaMalfa voiced his support this morning for the Republican fiscal plan crafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

The Richvale rice farmer joins other GOP members in asserting the plan would balance the federal budget in the next decade. From his office:
“I commend Chairman Paul Ryan for putting forth a budget that outlines a responsible plan, balances the budget in a decade, and returns America to a fiscally sustainable path,” said LaMalfa. “The proposed budget, which cuts all spending for the Obama health care takeover, shows the only way to balance the budget without crippling taxes is to repeal the health care takeover. This budget is a step in the right direction toward repealing that law and allowing individuals and families to regain control over their own dollars and health decisions.”

While Rep. Ryan’s budget will balance the budget in 10 years and rein in the growth of federal spending by $4.63 trillion, Senator Patty Murray’s new budget plan calls for nearly $1 trillion in new taxes.

“Perhaps most striking is that while the Ryan budget balances government spending to income, the Senate prepared a budget with $1 trillion in tax hikes on American families,” added LaMalfa. “The “No Budget, No Pay Act” is already proving its worth by forcing the Senate to reveal their unbalanced tax-and-spend budget plan, something they have hidden for nearly four years.”

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