Monday, March 11, 2013

Introducing Trini Campbell

On Friday I spent the day traveling to the Capay Valley town of Guinda, where marital and business partners Trini Campbell (pictured) and Tim Mueller operate Riverdog Farm. The 500-acre operation is one of the more successful CSA's in the Bay Area-Sacramento region, and Trini recently gave the keynote speech for a women's conference in Washington state.

Here's what my colleague, Steve Brown, wrote when he covered the conference:
The theme of the conference, "Growing Your Successful Farm Business," built on a keynote presentation webcast to each location. Trini Campbell, owner of Riverdog Farm in Guinda, Calif., shared her experiences of beginning a farm in the Napa Valley in 1990 by renting two acres and sharecropping. She now owns a diversified 500-acre organic farm in the Capay Valley, an agricultural area west of Sacramento.

Campbell described her challenges in managing labor, planning finances, dealing with crop loss and market instability, and maintaining a work-life balance with her family.
My feature on Campbell will be part of our Western Innovator series. You'll find it at soon.

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