Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rep. LaMalfa on the issues

The north state's new congressman, Rep. Doug LaMalfa, has started a periodic newsletter. In the first edition he includes a welcome video and views on President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech, budget bills and new gun ban proposals.

Here is the text:
The President's State of the Union Address
It was refreshing to hear the President put the focus on growing the economy and creating jobs in America. Unfortunately, the President ignored the new taxes he has imposed on every family, the vast increase in the government’s size, and the $6 trillion he has borrowed, money our children will need to pay back.The simple fact is that the President’s policies caused the economy to contract for the first time in three years, and it’s clear that more of the same will further damage to our struggling middle class. Our nation’s economic leadership is a result of letting Americans innovate and invest in their own businesses, not overzealous bureaucracies choosing winners and losers.

No Budget, No Pay
Recently, House Republicans introduced the“No Budget, No Pay Act,” which successfully passed in both the House and Senate. This legislation will take action to pressure Congress and the White House to pass a budget in a timely manner. The bill allows a three month extension in borrowing authority with the caveat that a budget must be adopted by April 15th. Budgeting is one of the most basic duties of the government. The Senate and the White House have failed to pass a budget to govern federal spending in four consecutive years. Although not ideal, this measure will allow the House and Senate to work together to produce an effective plan to tackle the fiscal challenges as nation. Read More.

New Gun Ban Proposals
Nothing in the President's new gun ban proposal would have prevented the tragic shootings in Newtown, CT or their severity. What this proposal will do is infringe directly upon the Second Amendment and strip lawful citizens of long-established rights. Restricting access to firearms and the rights of law abiding citizens will not change the tragedies of the past or prevent them in the future. I was sent to Washington not to strip rights away from the American people, but to defend our basic freedoms and ensure that our government follows the Constitution. I am very concerned that the President’s use of executive orders is not only legally questionable, but contrary to the principles of representative government which our nation was founded upon. Furthermore, this type of ban always fails to achieve any real result. A simple look at Oakland and Chicago, which have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, proves that these laws don’t work. More laws and gun bans will not stop those with a wicked heart, criminal designs or serious mental illness.
Read More.

Require a PLAN Act
House Resolution 444, the Require a PLAN Act recently passed in the House of Representatives. This bill will require the president to submit a budget that balances within ten years. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this but we must take action to pressure members in the Senate and White House to complete their job to pass a budget in a timely manner, a basic duty that has not been completed in four years. I believe H.R. 444 is a step in the right direction to balancing our budget, reducing spending, and solving the fiscal challenges that face our country.

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