Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Logging conference under way, welcomes guests

The Sierra Cascade Logging Conference is this week. It began yesterday with a forklift certification training course, continued today with a Media Day lunch and competition (which I missed) and starts in earnest tomorrow with a kickoff breakfast.

Here is a message of welcome from conference president Joe E. Miller of Trinity River Lumber:
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Committee Members, and all our devoted volunteers it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 64th annual Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference. This years conference will be filled with lots of fun events, continuing educational opportunities for our members, a history lesson or two, and most important of all helps us continue to educate teachers and students about the wise use and management of this amazing resource and industry we hold so dear.

With our country divided and seemingly at a crossroad of social and economic values it has become paramount that as an industry we must do all we are capable of doing to insure our rights and freedoms are passed to the next generations.

Keeping that in mind is how I chose the theme for this years conference. “All for One, One for All”. It’s as simple as that. It can be your family, a youth sports team, a logging crew, forest managers, or a sawmill operation. We must ALL work together to reach a common ground on a variety of very complex issues that in the end are sustainable for generations to come. Our resource continues to grow and provides us with that capability.

I am humbled and very proud to be a small part of a group of volunteers that works so hard to bring you this conference. We have a full program for our members to enjoy. The highlight of which is the history of the “Red River Lumber Company” and the mill town of Westwood. College logging sports exhibition, backhoe rodeo, log loading skills, truck driving skills, and as always wild things for the kids.

So come on down to the Shasta District Fairgrounds for a day of fun. Catch up with old friends, kick a few tires, watch all the competitions, maybe even win a gun or two.

Can’t say it enough, Thank you everyone for all your support and we’ll see you there
Tomorrow's breakfast speaker will be Barnie Gyant, deputy regional forester for resources for the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Region. Here is a brief bio, courtesy of conference publicity director Mike Quinn:
He oversees the areas of Program Development and Budget, Ecosystems Management, Ecosystems Planning, Information Management, and Tribal Relations. Mr. Gyantwas previously the Deputy Director of Ecosystem Management in Region 5 from September 2009 to June 2012. Barnie successfully completed a temporary promotion to Director, Ecosystem Management for four months in 2010 and for five months in 2011. He has an extensive background including work assignments as Forest Supervisor, Deputy Forest Supervisor, District Ranger, Deputy District Ranger, and Resources Program Manager.

Early in his career, he was a Fisheries Biologist. Barnie has extensive experience as a line officer and natural resources manager for the past 20 years working on eight different national forests and in four different regions. Barnie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology from East Carolina University. Key strengths include a strong background in natural resources and ecological restoration and strong communication and collaboration skills.
The conference and equipment expo runs through Saturday at the fairgrounds in Anderson. Tickets are required for the breakfast and some other events. The full schedule is here.

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