Thursday, January 31, 2013

Agenda 21 central in Plumas planning debate

Rural residents' consternation over the United Nations' Agenda 21 has become an issue in Plumas County as officials there are updating their general plan.

My good friend and former colleague Debra Moore reports in the Feather River Bulletin:
About 60 people packed the small conference room at the planning department with most standing, and some spilling into the hallway.

Their spokeswoman, Carol Viscarra, gave a PowerPoint presentation outlining the group’s concerns and highlighting why the new general plan is Agenda 21 in disguise. [...]

Explaining that she was not a political activist, but rather an emergency room nurse and third-generation rancher, Viscarra was nervous. But “I believe it’s my civic duty” to come forward, she said.

After several months of page-by-page review, she said it’s her conclusion that the general plan “seems to mirror almost verbatim Agenda 21.”
Debra explains later:
[Viscarra] attributes the inclusion of Agenda 21 language in the general plan to the consultants that help jurisdictions write planning documents and organizations that provide grants.

She said the words “Agenda 21” never appear in such documents, but words such as “sustainability,” “open space,” “mixed-use housing” and “sustainable development,” which she describes as the “most egregious,” are all indicators of its influence.

“They will never, ever call it Agenda 21,” she said.
Debra probably isn't what you'd call an Agenda 21 "true believer" in the tea-party realm. But she did tell me the side-by-side comparisons between language in the Agenda 21 document and that of the draft general plan made an impression. I've seen the PowerPoint myself and spoken with Viscarra briefly, and the comparisons are striking.

This debate is playing out in rural communities throughout the West as more rural residents take more of an active role in their local governance. Watch for more on the Agenda 21 front at in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hooray for Carol Viscarra for a wonderful job of providing the impetus to finally get the conversation on Agenda 21 into the local media. I have been spreading the word for several years. I have prodded and hope that the leadership of Farm Bureau and other Ag related organizations finally become informed and pick up the banner in defense of property and gun ownership against this insidious danger.