Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scientists take aim at bovine pneumonia

I used to have an editor who wouldn't let me use the phrase "take aim at" because -- horror of horrors -- it was a reference to guns. My current editors let me use it, so I like to use it every so often (but not too often). But I digress.

In the photos, University of California Cooperative Extension biotechnology specialist Allison Van Eenennaam holds a baseball cap that draws attention to the effort to combat bovine respiratory disease (uh-oh, combat, a war reference!); and (from left) Cottonwood veterinarian Bill Gray, Van Eenennaam and UC-Davis large animal veterinarian John Maas prepare for a talk on BRD, also referred to as pneumonia or shipping fever.

Van Eenennaam is part of a nationwide, mult-university study funded by the USDA to find the genetric traits for BRD resistance in cattle so they can be bred into herds. The multi-year project is about halfway finished.

Her presentation was one of numerous experts' talks on cattle health last night at the Shasta Livestock Auction Yard in Cottonwood, which I attended.

For my story, check soon.

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