Friday, February 24, 2012

The GOP 'will simply become the old party'

...unless it adopts libertarian principles. So asserts the author of this sobering video that aptly explains the point I made this morning about small-L libertarianism being the future of the conservative movement.

Much of the video deals with how both President Obama and Ron Paul have tapped into the Millennial generation by using social media and by articulating an understanding of the plight of young people today. My hunch is with regard to Paul, it's not so much the man but the idea of personal liberty that most appeals to today's up-and-coming generation, which, as the video points out, will be the largest voting bloc by the 2016 election.

Look, anyone who read my blogs when I was at the Record Searchlight knows what a culture warrior and support-the-troops guy I've been. But the fact is we have a new crop of voters who grew up in a different culture than we did, watched a bunch of their friends go away to war and not come back, and entered the job market during one of the most abysmal and prolonged economic downturns in our country's history. And these folks are not listening to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

We have a choice in this country -- we can either continue down the path to total government control or we can come to terms with the newest and most modern expression of the constitutional principles on which this nation was built.

If Mitt Romney recognizes this, then it's no wonder he's being so nice to Paul. In fact, any candidate who ends up winning the GOP nomination would do well to make use of this movement that one could call the New Right, or they'll fail to do so at their peril.

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