Sunday, February 5, 2012

The best way to watch the Super Bowl

..was online, which is how I watched a good portion of the game today. Kudos to the NFL for finally getting with the 21st century and making their marquee game available via the Internet and mobile devices. You had your pick from several different camera angles at once, running stats and an HD quality picture that was better than the one that comes over my satellite dish. Plus, it was a way to opt out of the Super Bowl's increasingly obnoxious commercials, though NBC Sports' regular rotation of online ads got to be a bit tedious.

I left for a walk just before halftime, so I didn't see the middle-finger incident in what is becoming an annual embarrassment for the NFL -- the halftime rock concert. One of these years the league is going to have to rethink this dubious tradition of trotting out an endless stream of has-beens and gangbangers who often feel they have to do something controversial to get publicity, while most of the audience just shakes its collective head.

Still, while often after these things I've felt like I needed a cultural shower, this time I was able to just focus on the football. This had to be one of the most fantastic finishes in Super Bowl history, and the right team won. Sorry, Tom Brady, but you're no Joe Montana and you never will be.

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