Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The January storms: where we stand

Short version: Rainfall totals in the north state in the past week have been impressive, but we're still way behind where we usually are at this time of year. And the spigot looks to be shutting off again.

Here's what selected communities have received since Wednesday, Jan. 17, according to the National Weather Service:

Redding: 5.54 inches, including 2.45 inches on Friday alone
Red Bluff: 4.08 inches, including 1.85 Friday and more than an inch Sunday
Arcata: 6.77 inches, with 2.68 inches falling on Thursday
Eureka: 5.77 inches, including 2.26 on Thursday
Sacramento: 2.45 inches, with a high mark of 0.74 yesterday

As I reported today, Redding's 11.87 inches of rain so far this season is well behind the normal 18.21 inches we've averaged for this time of year. But the chances of getting significantly more rain soon are iffy at best.

The NWS sees a small chance of more rain in Redding over the next couple of days, but mostly sunny skies after that. AccuWeather.com gives us a shot at rain in the middle of next week and some showers the week after.

The U.S. Climate Prediction Center has reverted to a drier-than-normal outlook for California in the next two weeks, and its longer-term forecasts show much of the state below their average rainfall amounts.

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