Friday, January 13, 2012

Infighting? What infighting?

Michael Goodwin, a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist, gives us more examples of so-called news organizations deliberately suppressing news -- specifically, information about infighting within the White House. He writes:
Like the discovery of gambling in “Casablanca,” the mainstream media is shocked, shocked! to learn there is chaos and back-stabbing in the Obama White House. The media missed the story for the same reason Capt. Renault missed gambling at Rick’s Cafe: They chose to.

A cash kickback did the trick in the film. In real life, the Washington pack turns away from the truth for something less forgivable.

Three years after President Obama took office, much of the national press corps remains remarkably uncurious about what has gone wrong inside the land of Hope & Change. Whether still mesmerized by hypnotic chants of “Yes we can” or afraid to risk access by asking unpleasant questions, the press largely has failed to pierce the secrecy surrounding all the president’s men, their conflicts and policies.

It is a shameful dereliction, given that the Great Recession has left 25 million Americans out of work or looking for a full-time job, and the national debt has reached 100 percent of GDP. To state the obvious, no Republican president ever enjoyed a similar lack of scrutiny during a national emergency.

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This time, no one can claim surprise over a handful of mega-corporations' state-media-like backing of the current administration. Everyone can see it coming, and plan their information-gathering accordingly.

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