Monday, January 9, 2012

I just don't get it

Mitt Romney is supposed to be the non-conservative in the GOP presidential race, yet his opponents are pulling out the Occupy talking points to rip him for being a venture capitalist?

I don't entirely get it -- and neither does Jay Nordlinger of NRO's The Corner, who issues this rant about the whole situation. My favorite line: "What do you have to do to be a 'real conservative'? Speak bad English and belch?"

He concludes:
I could go on: the $10,000 bet, the pink slips, conservatives wetting their pants, over and over. They have no appetite to defend capitalism, to persuade people, to encourage them not to fall for the old socialist and populist crap. I fled the Democratic party many years ago. And one of the reasons was, I couldn’t stand the class resentment, the envy, the hostility to wealth, the cries of “Richie Rich!” And I hear them from conservatives, at least when Romney is running.

Go ahead, have your “bloodbath” in South Carolina. Make Romney the little guy in the top hat and tails, from the Monopoly game. Have your Santorum, your Perry, your Newt. They may carry something like four states in the fall, but at least they’ve never sullied their hands with — eek! — business.

Perhaps after the election, while Obama is deepening the country’s poverty, Romney and others like him can find a party friendly to capitalism. We conservative Republicans turn out to be cradle-to-gravers, like everyone else.
Regardless of who wins the nomination, I suspect some well-known supposed conservative stalwarts will lose a lot of stature as a result of this race, and that includes some household names in talk radio.

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