Friday, January 6, 2012

The gray wolf and Shasta County

Kudos to KRCR-TV and Mike Mangas and to a trio of Record Searchlight reporters for their well-balanced reporting yesterday on the arrival of the gray wolf called "OR-7", or "Journey", to eastern Shasta County.

KRCR reported correctly that it's "generating a lot of excitement and not all of it good." The TV report explained that wolves are predators and thus raise concerns among livestock producers for the safety of their animals. Likewise, the RS talked to a rancher -- Pam Giacomini of Hat Creek -- and Supervisor Glenn Hawes, himself a farmer.

For those of you who are friends on Facebook, I'll be posting a comprehensive package of stories on wolves in the West that Capital Press and its sister newspapers published over the holidays. Among those were perspective pieces by a rancher and an environmentalist. It's a complex issue, and those who try to encapsulate it with feel-good sentimentalism over the plight of the poor, misplaced wolf are only telling half the story.

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