Monday, January 23, 2012

Candidates fighting 'a three-front war'

Columnist and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt thinks he knows the reason for Saturday's surprise South Carolina win for Newt Gingrich.
Saturday's big win in South Carolina for Newt Gingrich was not an endorsement of the former speaker's resume or his platform. You would be hard-pressed to find many voters who could tell you what Newt is actually committed to doing.

But even the 60 percent who didn't vote for him in the Palmetto State can tell you what Newt is committed to being: aggressive, assertive, and especially confrontational with the Beltway-Manhattan media elite when the MSM manipulates the news and the debates, distorts the process, and repeatedly covers the president's rear.

No questions on Iran in the CNN, ABC and NBC debates? No questions about the president's treatment of Netanyahu? No questions about the veto of Keystone XL pipeline?

No questions about Solyndra, Operation Fast and Furious," Joe Biden's serial inanities, the unconstitutional recess appointments? Gibson Guitar, Boeing, the Environmental Protection Agency's generation and cement rules?

Nothing about cutting 20,000 Marines and up to 100,000 soldiers?

Newt's ex-wife is tracked down, but we never got an interview with Bill Ayers or saw the Rashid Khalidi tape? Romney's tax returns are demanded again and again, but we never saw the president's college or law school transcripts?

Newt's display of anger -- even the over-the-top characterization of John King as despicable -- got cheering from everyone who had wanted the GOP candidates to run straight at the MSM and their deeply corrupt insularity and embedded biases.
Hewitt opines the candidates are now fighting on three fronts -- each other, President Obama and left-leaning media.

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