Friday, December 16, 2011

State fire fees put on hold

From the California Cattlemen's Association's weekly legislative bulletin, hot off the presses:
As reported last week, the Board of Forestry (BOF) submitted emergency regulations for the State Responsibility Area (SRA) fee to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for review and approval for implementation. It has been publicized, however, that the Board of Forestry withdrew the emergency regulations yesterday, Dec. 15. It has been said that the BOF withdrew the emergency regulations after the OAL asked for clarification on the implementation of the fee with regards to multi unit structures.

The delay in submission of the emergency regulations to the OAL will result in a delay of implementation of these emergency regulations and further push back the creation of formal regulations. The projected time line, which anticipated the development of final regulations in June 2012, will likely be pushed back at least an additional month.

The road to emergency regulations for the SRA fees has not been an easy one for the BOF. After having created emergency regulations in August, the BOF was met with political pressure from the Governor’s office to increase the fees, forcing a November revision of the regulations. Now it appears that the OAL has found fault with the emergency regulations and wants to ensure clarity {...}

CCA will continue to advocate against this tax, follow this process and provide members with updates as soon as they are available.
I'm working on a story on the issues behind the fire fee and why organizations like the CCA and the California Farm Bureau Federation oppose it. You can look for it at later this month.

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