Wednesday, December 14, 2011

State cuts won't affect UCCE

The $1 billion in midyear state budget cuts that Gov. Jerry Brown announced yesterday won't affect the University of California Cooperative Extension's programs to assist farmers and ranchers, a UC spokeswoman told me today.

The university will use reserves to absorb its $100 million cut, said Dianne Klein, who handles media relations for the UC's Office of the President.

She explained in an e-mail:
What the university intends to do, on a short-term basis, is draw upon reserves currently held to pay for unexpected cost spikes in employee health and welfare plans. This, in essence, is a rainy day fund. We’ve declared a rainy day. There may be other measures taken to cover the $100 million, but this represents the lion’s share of the cost.
For more on how the cut will affect (or won't affect) agriculture-related programs, check soon.

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