Friday, December 9, 2011

Siskiyou supes to DFG: No thanks

Speaking of the Department of Fish and Game, Siskiyou County supervisors this week voted not to participate in the agency's in-stream flow study in the Scott and Shasta rivers.

John Bowman of the Siskiyou Daily News reports (hat tip: Pie N Politics):
On Nov. 1, the DFG presented information about its intention to perform an assessment of data needs for the study by way of its release of a Request For Proposal of data needs. The department says it will identify data needs and create study plans necessary for the eventual development of in-stream flow recommendations for fish resources for the two rivers.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Siskiyou County Resource Policy Specialist Ric Costales presented his recommendation to participate in the early stages of the study. He advised the board that the county could have more influence over the process from within than they could from the outside.

DFG Supervising Biologist Mark Pisano told the board on Nov. 1 that the flow study is only in its planning stage at this point. He said the study will be open and transparent, and will include a stakeholder team and many opportunities for public input.

Pisano reiterated those statements at Tuesday’s meeting and said he fully supported the participation and input of Costales, agreeing that the only way for the DFG to include the county’s input is for it to be involved.

All of the supervisors except District 2 Supervisor Ed Valenzuela strongly opposed official county participation, citing fears that it could be construed as approval and support for the process.

“I am fundamentally opposed to this,” District 5 Supervisor Marcia Armstrong said. “This process is obviously structured to redirect already-adjudicated water resources.”

She added that Costales’ participation would be viewed as a stamp of approval by the board. Armstrong said she also took issue with the board being lumped in with “stakeholders.”

“We are not stakeholders,” she said. “We are elected officials who directly represent our constituents. We are government and deserve a government-to-government relationship and role in this process. And, as the County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, we have jurisdiction over flows, not [the DFG].”

Liz Bowen of PNP thanks the four supervisors for their vote -- including the one she wants to recall, Marcia Armstrong.
You heard us! You voted to stand against a state agency’s over-reaching regulations! There are plenty of stream flow studies and data. The State does NOT need to spend more of the tax payers $ on this study! We appreciate you standing up for us!

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  1. Thank Heaven for little favors. If our county supervisors don't truly represent the interests of their constituents they have rendered themselves worse than useless. This is encouraging. Standing up to excessive gov't regulations is long overdue.