Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How much has Romney flip-flopped?

I've heard often in casual conversation about the 2012 presidential race that Mitt Romney has "flip-flopped on everything," but how true is that, really? One blog made up of Romney supporters tried to answer that question recently. While the author is unquestionably biased, he/she uses sourcing -- including links to mainstream media fact-checkers -- to give his/her case credibility, or at least make it interesting.

For example:
4) Health Care Reform – Did Romney want RomneyCare to be a “model for the nation?” – All three fact-check organizations looked into this claim and all three found that Romney has not flip-flopped in regard to this claim. The conclusion from Politifact is here, the FactCheck summary is here, and the Washington Post article is here. It is very clear to those who have taken the time to investigate this issue that Romney has never changed his position in regard to health care reform. For those in the press to continue repeating this falsehood shows a true lack of journalistic integrity. Romney has always spoken in favor of state-led initiatives where the each state is free to adopt whatever policies will work best for that particular state.

Again, not an endorsement, just food for thought.

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