Monday, December 5, 2011

Could Trump's questions be any worse?

Andrew C. McCarthy at NRO's The Corner nails it with regard to this silly controversy over Donald Trump's endeavor to moderate a GOP presidential debate.

I carry no brief for Mr. Trump, who is something of a carnival act, and I join the editors in commending Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and whoever else among the candidates has the good sense to send his or her regrets. But just to recap, here is a list of just some of the left-leaning moderator/sponsors of the debates — those that have occurred to date, and others scheduled to occur between now and March 19, 2012: CNN (7 times), NBC News (including CNBC and MSNBC) (5 times), Politico (2 times), Bloomberg, the Washington Post, CBS News, the National Journal (2 times), ABC News (2 times), the Des Moines Register, PBS Newshour (2 times), Google, the St. Petersburg Times, and NPR. [...]

So to sum up, we are having debate after debate moderated by left-wing media organizations that, under the guise of objective journalism, actively promote Obama’s policies and are, for all practical purposes, an adjunct of the president’s reelection campaign. Their charade is more damaging by leaps and bounds than anything Donald Trump could dream of pulling off.

The thing is, some of the very people who've (rightly) been complaining about the moderators of past debates are the ones slamming the idea of a Trump-led forum. But could Trump be any worse a moderator than, say, John Harris?

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