Monday, November 28, 2011

Where I spent my Thanksgiving weekend

San Francisco, where I took the above photos at the weekly farmers' market at the Ferry Building on Saturday morning. The photos are for a weather wrap that you can look for at later in the week.

A few quick observations from the weekend:

-- If you've never seen an opera and you're only marginally into classical music, you might do well to start with Georges Bizet's "Carmen", which my wife and I did on Saturday night at the opera house. Much of the music is instantly recognizable, the story is easy to follow, and San Francisco's opera company is considered one of the best in the country.

-- Having been to the wax museum in Newport, Ore., several times, my wife and I were eagerly awaiting our visit to the one at Fisherman's Wharf in The City -- then were mightily disappointed with the quality, which paled in comparison to the one in Oregon.

-- We weren't paying for the rooms, but the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero seemed ridiculously overrated and overpriced for what you get. The "jacuzzi" in our suite was merely a bathtub with a few jets, which shot in cold water if you turned them on. But hey, it was one of the only bathtubs in the hotel, so my wife was grateful -- particularly since there's no public jacuzzi or pool. And considering the rooms we had were in the $300-a-night range, you wouldn't think they'd charge another $9.95 a day for Internet access, would you?

-- We did have an up-close view of Occupy San Francisco's tent city, and as I watched their march up Market Street on Saturday, I was struck by how few people they had in such a liberal city -- fewer than 100, I would say. They were noisy, though, with bullhorns and chants at all hours of the night. Their antics were enough to annoy my mother, whose political sensitivities might otherwise be compatible with theirs.

-- Quoth my stepmother on Thanksgiving day, after the Packers got through dispatching Detroit to improve to 11-0 on the season: "Yeah, they sure miss Favre."

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