Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November rainfall by the numbers

Here are the November and seasonal rainfall totals and comparisons to normal for selected California cities, according to the National Weather Service. Totals are as of today:

Redding: Month to date 2.62 inches (normal 4.06 inches); season to date 5.95 inches (normal 7.07 inches)
Eureka: Month to date 3.85 inches (normal 5.13 inches); season to date 8.64 inches (normal 8.45 inches)
Sacramento: Month to date 0.74 inches (normal 1.90 inches); season to date 2.08 inches (normal 3.19 inches)
Modesto: Month to date 0.73 inches (normal 1.25 inches); season to date 1.73 inches (normal 2.21 inches)
Salinas: Month to date 1.78 inches (normal 1.29 inches); season to date 3.3 inches (normal 2.07 inches)
Fresno: Month to date 0.67 inches (normal 0.99 inches); season to date 1.57 inches (normal 1.81 inches)

The pattern of dry periods punctuated occasionally by a few days of rain and snow should hold for a while in California. For my complete story, check CapitalPress.com soon.

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